KMRIAKiss My Royal Irish Arse (James Joyce's Ulysses) :-)
KMRIAKnighted Member of the Royal Irish Academy
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"It's kind of a miracle it's happened every year," KMRIA singer and guitarist Casey Neill said of the series of shows that the group has done each year surrounding St.
KMRIA assembled when singer-songwriter Ezra Holbrook and the Decemberists' Jenny Conlee wanted to cover "Fairytale of New York." Conlee thought it would be fun to learn some of the Pogues' intricate accordion parts, Neill said.
KMRIA's members have known each other for years, often through other bands where the personnel overlaps.
The name KMRIA comes from the lyrics in "Transmetropolitan" from that release.
KMRIA's Portland shows recently have grown to attract almost 1,000 people.