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KMTRKalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (Tamil Nadu)
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I suspect what's behind Walsh's and Fuller's criticisms is the buyout of KMTR by the gang that owns KVAL, and the subsequent KMTR layoffs to cut costs and increase profits so the big boys can buy another yacht.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ackerley Group (NYSE: AK), a leading media and entertainment company, announced today that it signed a definitive purchase agreement and will enter into a Local Marketing Agreement effective December 2 to operate television stations KMTR in Eugene, OR, KMTZ in Coos Bay, OR and KMTX in Roseburg, OR from Wicks Broadcasting Group Limited Partnership for $26 million in cash.
While Davis may have been a general manager at KMTR in the past, he has a very limited understanding of the landscape of the television business in the 21st century.
I was part of the team that built KMTR, and I served as its president and general manager for the first 15 years of its operation.
a week ago Monday to catch "The Big Bang Theory" on KMTR.
Matt Templeman and Renee McCullough, former anchors at KMTR NewsSource, have joined KEZI as co-anchors of evening news broadcasts.
KMTR Newsource management laid off 31 of the station's approximately 50 workers - including some long-time anchors - after a new owner took over, according to employees, former employees and advertisers.
In early June I watched in disbelief as dozens of talented, hard-working folks were eliminated by Fisher Communications as it took over KMTR.
A modest suggestion for the new owners and managers of KMTR from an ex-viewer of said station's news broadcasts: A refresher course into the origin and meaning of the colloquial phrase "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face" may be in order.
Her strong and effective leadership created a culture within KMTR that was evident to viewers.
Matt Templeman and Renee McCullough, former anchors at KMTR NewsSource, will begin co-anchoring KEZI evening news broadcasts starting June 27, KEZI announced Friday.
I've been a happy watcher of KMTR news for many years.