KNDSKiebis Network and Data Systems (Berlin, Germany)
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The research was carried out in KNDs under the purview of the Navrongo Health and Demographic Surveillance System (NHDSS).
Purposive sampling was done across two geographical zones within the KNDs to maximise the diversity of respondents: women with newborn infants--categorised according to place of delivery, parity and literacy--grandmothers, compound heads, household heads, community leaders, formal health care providers and traditional health care providers.
Analyzing from the scale of land type, the semantic consistency of each type of land use of the two knds of data before and after the generalization differs a little, and the semantic consistency of most land types can reach above 0.6, indicating that the patch area of each land type maintains balance to a certain extent before and after the generalization.
Tender no: GT11111600 Description: Contractor scope of work shall include site survey, design and detailed engineering, procurement, installation, construction/ demolition, pre-commissioning, commissioning and testing for upgrading the instrument air system facility at Khatiyah North Degassing Station (KNDS) to meet the required present and future capacity and integration with the existing systems.
"When you're a kid you're encouraged to do all these things and nobody Knds that a problem.
"You are kept honest by the audience, because you can't assume that people are going to look at a stage and Knd it interesting.