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(11) "As in The Murderers are among Us, the character played by Flildegard Knef is represented as the bearer of historical problems, that go unaddressed.
Apart from Hildegard Knef (Kat), all of the stars are identifiable from that system.
(82) Ann Knef, ATRA's Excepts: Callis Credited for Madison County's Improvements, MADISON-ST.
Knef appeared in more than 50 films, most of them made in Europe.
He's looking to dazzle buyers with works like Oskar Roehler's 1950s-set interracial rock 'n' roll love story "Lulu and Jimi" as well as three Berlinale screeners: "Hilde," a biopic starring Heike Makatsch as the late German star Hildegard Knef; "Effi-Briest," an adaptation of the classic 19th-century Theodor Fontane novel; and "John Rabe," the story of a Nazi Party member who saved thousands of Chinese during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing.
One of the most anticipated films of the festival was the big-budget biopic Hilde by Kai Wessel, about the iconic German actress and chanteuse Hildegard Knef, who enjoyed a brief postwar career in Hollywood and a successful stint on Broadway.
A sharp portrait of Cole during the Out Of Town tryouts for his musical Silk Stockings is provided by Hildegarde Knef (changed to Neff for American audiences), the German star of the show who was known as "The Kraut" by Don Ameche - another cast member.
Egoli Tossell Film secured $872,000 for its upcoming biopic about German chanteuse Hildegard Knef starring Heike Makatsch.
* The Prix Au Revolt to Karel Reisz, Richard Harris, Lonnie Donegan, Vlastimil Brodsky, Daniel Gelin, Raf Vallone, Sergei Bodrov Jr., Hildegard Knef, Henry Lange, Andre Delvaux, Katrin Cartlidge, Yves Robert, Dudley Moore, Astrid Lindgren, Spike Milligan, Gus Dudgeon, Barry Took, J.
With: Maria Riva, Burr Bacharach, Volker Schlondorff, Rosemary Clooney, Hildegarde Knef, Nicholas von Sternberg, A.C.
Among the many personalities interviewed, standouts are Burt Bacharach, who worked as Dietrich's music arranger in her later years; Rosemary Clooney, who knew her well; and the late Hildegarde Knef, who talks of Dietrich's final 16 years of seclusion in Paris.
Hildegard Knef's acting career was as checkered as the era in which she rose to prominence.