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KNHSKoninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportfederatie (Dutch: Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation)
KNHSKoninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportbond (Dutch: Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation)
KNHSKalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services
KNHSKeystone National High School (Bloomsburg, PA)
KNHSKnob Noster High School (Knob Noster, MO)
KNHSKingsbridge Natural History Society (UK)
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The KNHS is in one such position of economic strength as it has the power to authorise the organisation of events on the Dutch territory, a power which effectively regulates the access of undertakings to that relevant market.
In determining whether the conduct of the undertaking amounts to an abuse, one needs to consider that the KNHS commercially exploits equestrian events in the Netherlands through, for example, entering into sponsorship contracts.
It also needs to be established whether the KNHS is itself active in the market for the organisation of equestrian events in the Netherlands.
The two cases display further similarities given that the KNHS decision (it would appear) cannot be appealed, as was also the case in MOTOE.
In light of the above, it is reasonable to assume that if a conflict of interest is identified in the functions of the KNHS, rather than requiring a pure separation between the commercial and regulatory functions of the KNHS, the Commission and Court of Justice would wish to see improvements made in the governance standards applicable in that sport.
In light of the dominant position held by the KNHS in the national market and given that its authorisation rules have the potential to partition the European market along national lines, it seems that the effect on trade requirement is met.
That said, the potential for the KNHS to perform a dual (regulatory and commercial) role which may lead to conflicts of interest undermines this proposition.