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KNIKansas Neurological Institute (Topeka, Kansas)
KNIKatmai New Instructions (Intel)
KNIKajaani (Finland)
KNIKlaus Novy Institut
KNIKen and the New Incredibles (band)
KNIKolo Naukowe Informatyków (Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego; Poland)
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KNI has however said that there are no current plans to team up with Air Paavuna, another private airline project in Greenland.
The agreement was terminated after a seminar at which Great Greenland apparently stated that several of the local traders in the KNI chain were not trustworthy and impossible as negotiation partners when the hunters come to sell their hides, reported Radioavisen, a Greenlandic online newsletter.
KNI has apparently reconsidered all travel with the carrier due to the increased ticket prices, and has cancelled some trips as the cost for certain routes is as high as for "travelling around the world with accommodation included," Askaer said.
The Dynapad machine from KNI Incorporated breaks down into two pieces for legal load shipment.
com KNI Incorporated Phone: (412) 479-3661 Fax: (412) 479-8091 Komatsue America International Co.
From implementation to ongoing system maintenance, KNI provides services that help ensure clients ability to fully leverage their data.
KNIGHT DAD Jade looking a little weary KNI HT DAD D J
KNI Incorporated P: (412) 479-3661 F: (412) 479-8091
KN Energy will be renamed Kinder Morgan, and will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol KNI.