KNIFKommt Nicht in Frage (German: Out of the Question)
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It was admirable to see with what dexterity St Jago dodged behind the beast, till at last he contrived t give the fatal touch to the main tendon of the hind le after which, without much difficulty, he drove his knif into the head of the spinal marrow, and the cow droppe as if struck by lightning.
Thus when Havelok reiterates the event in his prayer to Christ, he says, 'pat Ich saw biforn min eyne slo / Mine sistres with a knif' (1365-66, my emphasis).
Pynnonen and Knif (1998) reported negligible interaction between two Scandinavian stock markets, but Knif and Pynnonen (1999) documented some positive evidence of cointegration in the relatively small European stock markets.
During the night, Father must have crept downstairs instead of staying at the second-story window, but he hadn't brought a knif for me.
The Norwegian dairy group Synnove Finden ASA said today (26 March) that it had received a framework contract for cheese and other dairy products from the non-profit purchasing organisation Kristen-Norges Innkjopsfellesskap (KNIF).
We would like to thank Tom Berglund, Clas Bergstrom, Peter Hogfeldt, Johan Knif, and Alan Eberhart for valuable comments and discussions.
On the cultural milieu fostering interest in opera at the time, see Henrik Knif, Gentlemen and Spectators: Studies in Journals, Opera and the Social Scene in Late Stuart London (Helsinki: Finnish Historical Society, 1995), 146-59.
Knif, Gentlemen and spectators: studies in journals, opera and the social scene in late Georgian London (Helsinki, 1995), pp.70-73.
A MAN brandishing a knif, threatened a member of staff when he broke into a vet's surgery in Bedworth in the early hours of the morning.