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KNKTKomite Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi (Indonesian: National Committee for Transportation Safety; Indonesia)
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The crash could have been avoided if a recovery action was carried out within 24 seconds from the first warning," KNKT chief Tatang Kurniadi told a press conference.
In general, black boxes are tough and can withstand impact," KNKT chief Tatang Kurniadi told.
Myers, FL WNPL 93 Tri-Cities, TN-VA WAP 95 Evansville, IN W52AZ 96 Baton Rouge, LA WBTR 97 Colorado Springs, CO KXRM 98 Waco, TX TBA (new station) 100 El Paso, TX/ Las Cruces, NM KZIA 101 Lincoln-Kearney- Hastings, NE WTVG 102 Savannah, GA WJCL 105 Charleston, SC WTAT 110 Tyler, TX KFXK 112 Santa Barbara, CA KADY 119 Traverse City/ Cadillac, MI WGKI 120 Lafayette, LA K62DW (VTV) 123 Yakima/Pasco/Richland/ Kennewic, WA K68EB,K66CY 125 Boise, ID KHDT 127 Florence/ Myrtle Beach, SC WWMB 130 Amarillo, TX KCIT 134 Duluth, MN KNLD 140 Wichita Falls/ Lawton, TX KJTL 142 Topeka, KS KNKT 145 Medford, OR KMVU 156 Anchorage, AK KYES 177 Yuma/El Centro, AZ KECY 186 Jackson, TN WMTU 201 Lima, OH WFND 205 Fairbanks, AK KTVF 300 Burlington, IA KJMH TOTAL: 95 Stations/78 Percent Clearance of U.