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KNLAKaren National Liberation Army
KNLAKentucky Nursery and Landscape Association (Frankfort, KY)
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DVB was unable to contact Battalion 16 of the KNLA to confirm the fighting.
However, the appeasement group cannot do as much as they would like to and so they came up with the idea of the Hpa-An Conference the stronghold of the 7th Brigade area of the KNLA where the current leaders Saw Mutu Sae Poe and Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win connive with the government team will be held in December leaving the mass Karen out.
God's Army"--or The Soldiers of the Holy Mountain--was composed of an ad hoc collection of (mostly Christian) villagers and KNLA soldiers.
Four BGF soldiers killed and two KNLA soldiers wounded.
The battle field reports, covering the period from January 2010 to the end of November 2010, showed that the killed ratio between the KNLA and the SPDC army is 1:35 + while the wounded ratio is 1:93 +.