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KNNKids News Network
KNNKanda News Network (Japan)
KNNKingdom News Network
KNNKashmir News Network
KNNKurdistan National Network
KNNK-Mart News Network
KNNK-Nearest Neighbor (or K-Th Nearest Neighbor (mathematics)
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The KNN modified by a small amount of admixture is known for a substantial change of its properties [2-7].
For each selected feature by different ants an initial value for the classification accuracy is obtained for each ant using the KNN algorithm.
KNN showed better performance than SVM, but evaluations using all 100 features showed values greater than 0.
To improve the efficiency and scalability, we modify the standard KNN classifier to run in a parallel Mapreduce environment and breakdown the algorithm to Mapreduce jobs.
This paper focuses on the event of HybridSeg and KNN approach to the classification of tweets (posts on Twitter).
As it is seen from this table, the performances of the KNN, NB and DT classification methods are nearly the same, with the KNN being slightly better than the NB and DT.
La ejecucion del prototipo, como se puede observar en la Figura 9, presenta una tasa de precision --de deteccion--viable (Ver Tabla III); que puede sesgarse por las funciones de similitud; en este caso las asociadas a los eventos de la la configuracion para detectar nuevos vectores de ataque se basa en el algoritmo KNN y el modelo CBR confiable (Ver tabla IV).
Zhang, "New facial expression recognition based on FSVM and KNN," Optik, vol.
With a matrix constructed conforming to the idea presented in Table 3, define KNN of dimensions of NNost x 8, where "8" is the maximum number of elements to which a node can belong (it is important to note that this quantity may vary according to each generator mesh).
The KJS said it took legal action against the closure of two TV stations, NRT in Irbil city and KNN in Dohouk last 10 October.
Meanwhile, the KDP shut down offices of Gorran's TV channel KNN in the cities of Irbil and Dahuk.