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KNO3Potassium Nitrate
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Chemical Priming with Urea and KNO3 Enhances Maize Hybrids (Zea mays L.
Table 1: Comparison between culture grown different concentrations of KNO3 and shifted culture under high and low light intensity on growth and lipid content Concentration of KN[O.
49 Fosforo 34 EDTA-Na 978 Potasio 45 FeC6H5O7 670 Carbonato organico 350 KNO3 17000 Calcio 40 NaH2PO4 x 2H2O 1560 Cobalto 15 Tiamina 3.
A graded series of 10-50 mg L-1 was run for making the standard curve for both these ions using KNO3 and CaCl2, respectively.
10% sucrose, 100 PPM boric acid, 300 PPM Ca(No3)2, 200 PPM Mg SO4, 100 PPM KNO3 in distilled water, Ph to 7.
2]O 0,075 g KNO3 0,3 g) (Narvaez et al, 2008), a temperatura ambiente, en agitacion constante a una velocidad de 140 rpm, durante un periodo de doce dias.
Conforme Carvalho e Souza (1996), foram necessarios mais de 120 dias para que porta-enxertos de tangerineira 'Cleopatra', adubados com KNO3, atingissem altura superior a 10 cm.
The specimens were tempered at 550[degrees]C for 2 h in a molten salt KNO3.