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KNOBKoninklijke Nederlandse Oudheidkundige Bond (Dutch: Royal Netherlands Archaeological Bond)
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Many public school districts across the country--including Knob Noster-- have federally owned land within their boundaries.
If the assembly is then unscrewed the knob can't fall out and is retained for re-assembly at a later stage.
Changes cursor position or selects a field that is then changed with the smaller knob
GreenLeaf won the bid, rebuilt a worn-out mold that had been mothballed after knob production moved to China, and began production in 2006, even with no screen-print artwork files on which to rely.
In both cases I chose the low-profile knob because I'm not going to press either of these guns into long-range duty.
But it hadn't told him about the wonky knob so he hadn't brought one.
Willis Insurance has acquired Shell Knob Insurance.
With McRecall, users now have the opportunity to save and recall the positions of any analogue knobs accurately, consistently and hassle-free.
One good rule of thumb is to line up a knob with the top of the bottom door rail.
Knob Creek Range's submachine gun match is the oldest continuously running match in the history of submachine gun competition.