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Knola unit of knowledge (Google project)
KnolKnoll (postal suffix)
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"Virtual reality, 360[degrees], MR [mixed reality] and AR [augmented reality] are buzzwords in all discussions about the future of cinema, but there are many open questions about how to use these new technologies," Knol says.
Mokkink LB, Terwee CB, Patrick DL, Alonso J, Stratford PW, Knol DL, Bouter LM, de Vet HC (2010b) The COSMIN study reached international consensus on taxonomy, terminology, and definitions of measurement properties for health-related patient-reported outcomes.
"You're now able to execute all your payments from a single euro account in the Eurozone," Knol said.
Knoll (Friday, 5 p.m.); Jai Nitz and Brett Booth (various times); Rich Knol, Kerry Tolan and Zechary Grey (Saturday, 11:30 a.m.); Michael Golden (Saturday, noon); Davis, Rob Prior and Eric Reeves (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.); Tom Cook (Sunday, 12:30 p.m.) and more.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Berry Petroleum Company, Equal Energy Ltd, Knol Resources Corp., Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp., Questerre Energy Corporation
For this purpose, Verheul (2012) developed a questionnaire that includes part of the existing questionnaire used by de Vries and Knol (2011) in the Enercities project and where specific questions regarding the Green IT competencies discussed in section 2 have been included.
Hopefully, we can put up a good show," said the 30-year-old, whose other Dutch compatriots in the team are Janneke Kanis-Busser, Amy Pieters, Willeke Knol and Kelly Markus.
Employees who have access to formal and informal power within the organization generally exhibit higher productivity levels, a sense of accomplishment, gravitate towards innovative processes, and share sources of power structures with other less empowered employees (Laschinger et al., 1997; Knol & von Linge, 2009).
In November 2011, Google announced the closure of Gears, Wave, and Knol among others.