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KNOWKalamazoo Non-Violent Opponents to War (Michigan)
KNOWKentucky Network of Outdoor Women
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When the morning came, a letter came with it, which told me that my bitterest enemy on earth (you have meddled sufficiently with my affairs to know what enemy I mean) had revenged herself on me in my absence.
More than that, he did not know what to say, how to look, how to move.
Further, although Jerry did not know it and Tom Haggin did, Terrence was a royal lover and a devoted spouse.
Don't you know that it is the worst thing in the world, next to wickedness?
"Do YOU know what's going to become of me?" he asked.
Father, chance then threw into my way a new acquaintance; a man such as I had had no experience of; used to the world; light, polished, easy; making no pretences; avowing the low estimate of everything, that I was half afraid to form in secret; conveying to me almost immediately, though I don't know how or by what degrees, that he understood me, and read my thoughts.
"If it had been possible, Miss Manette, that you could have returned the love of the man you see before yourself--flung away, wasted, drunken, poor creature of misuse as you know him to be--he would have been conscious this day and hour, in spite of his happiness, that he would bring you to misery, bring you to sorrow and repentance, blight you, disgrace you, pull you down with him.
But are you in earnest, Socrates, in saying that you do not know what virtue is?
I know that it touched me to think of such a life so spent, and that I came to myself and implored him to give it all.
"I came by Lowick to lunch--you didn't know I came by Lowick.
Why, I had the Ladies' Aid, you know, and kitty didn't have anybody.
Do you know I have intended to poison myself at least thirty times--ever since I was thirteen or so--and to write to my parents before I did it?