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KNOWBOTKnowledge Robot
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KNOWBOT: Using the Knowbot Information Service enables an Internet user to find another's address.
Recommendation: Use Internet tools such as Finger, Knowbot, Netfind, and Whois to locate individuals; record names found in mailing lists and newsgroups; and maintain your own list of addresses.
Another source is the Knowbot Information Service which you can find at: telnet 185 [no log-on is needed] query name ["name" is the individual's surname] This service actually searches through a variety of other "white pages" systems, including the user directory for MCIMail.
Methods of finding addresses range from a rather purpose-defeating telephone call to using network directory services such as WHOIS, Knowbot, or NETFIND.(9)
Embedded inside the advanced portable computer and any other personal computer will be a "knowbot." A knowbot acts as a type of personal secretary that lives inside the computer and is programmed to perform functions specifically for the user.
Knowbot users first define the kinds of information wanted.
A "knowbot" will be a software program that will act as a reference librarian helping users find the information they need.)
Heckart (1998), extrapolating from the current functionality of advanced "intelligent agent" and "knowbot" systems, predicts a future for the emerging digital library in which machine help will replace human help.
The NetServer includes the hard drive space for ftp (File Transfer Protocol) services from the Internet, electronic mail such as Unix Mail (PINE, ELM), Network News services, and Knowbot Information Service (KIS).
Similarly, a variety of approaches (e.g., X.500 protocols) are being worked on for providing Internet "white pages" and "yellow pages" services, "knowbot services," and similar functions for locating people, organizations, and activities on the Internet.
Some years ago, Apple Computers produced a video showing the Knowledge Navigator, sort of an information valet or what some are now calling a knowbot (knowledge + robot)--that is, an automated valet or maid that knows not only its client's informational needs but also the client's Personal qualities to shape the package of information.
Such a demon, called a "Knowbot," for knowledge robot, is under development at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (NRI), a nonprofit data-networking think tank in Reston, Virginia.