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KNPKruger National Park (South Africa)
KNPKanpur (India)
KNPKorean National Police
KNPKhmer Nation Party (Cambodia)
KNPKakadu National Park (Australia)
KNPKlik and Play (software application)
KNPKey Noise Parameter
KNPKing's Knight Pawn (chess)
KNPKewaunee Nuclear Power
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In this study, we genotyped 93 animals, representing four Western pig breeds and a KNP population, using the high-density Porcine 60K SNP BeadChip to explore the genetic diversity within and between breeds and to estimate the level of admixture between Western and Korean native pig breeds.
Ten cameras were installed in 4 different locations along KKH in KNP from June 24th to November 8th 2013.
We will be working closely with the KNP authorities in this regard, says Tshiqi.
As part of the sale, the packaging and paper group NV Koninklijke KNP BT received a 20% stake of Sappi.
The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between KNP and PGR during a period bracketing silking when plant growth was modified by nitrogen or water availability, and to compare it with that obtained when plant growth was modified through variations in incident radiation per plant without nutrient or water deficiencies.
Albert Carr, a full-time official with the Graphical Paper and Media Union, said last night that London Transport had placed an order with the company but it had decided it did not want KNP to complete it when they found out the company was in difficulties.
The opposition leader was referring to a move by the Interior Ministry just five months before the 1998 election to register a renegade group of former KNP members as an official party with the same name and logo as Rainsy's party.
The deal will see investment management and consultancy specialists CVC Capital Partners (Netherlands) and Cinven Group Ltd (UK) jointly acquire all the packaging firms owned by Dutch group NV Koninklijke KNP BT for a reported 3.
The KCZ was originally part of a government grazing lease when KNP was initially set aside as a park and has long been known as a potentially rich mineral area.
The moisture content of KNP ham was lower than that of the other ham breeds (p<0.