KNSBKoninklijke Nederlandse Schaatsenrijders Bond
KNSBConfederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria
KNSBPotassium Nitrate and Sorbitol (rocket motors)
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As illustrated by the aforementioned judgment between Ritsma and the KNSB, a sportsperson may be under the obligation to comply to the sponsorship commitments made by the federation even though the sportsperson did not himself enter into any contractual agreements with the sponsor concerned directly.
The proposals, unveiled by caretaker Labour and Social Policy Minister Yordan Hristoskov, call for a further increase of pension age for miners to 57 years as of 2021, KNSB leader at Gorubso Madan metal mines Rumen Karov said.
KNSB insisted that the Labor Code must provide that 80% of the current monthly income per worker will be guaranteed by the basic salary and the rest will come from bonuses which will not exceed 20%.
The Labor Code should ensure 100% paying off of salaries even when the employer faces poor financial circumstances, the KNSB representative argued.
Katya Ribarova of the Institute For Trade Union Studies at the KNSB trade union, divides the Bulgarian workers abroad into several groups: those with labor contract, those with temporary employment via a placement agency and those who go abroad to look for a job at their own risk.A aMost often there are discrepancies between what was agreed beforehand and the reality,a she said.
The social insurance for pension plans and unemployment is impossible at this stage, said Bulgaria's Minister of Labour and Social Policies Hasan Ademov.The proposal for one percent increase in the sums deducted for pensions and unemployment benefits was made by one of Bulgaria's major trade unions, KNSB, last week.A aThe increase in social insurance deductions is a correct measure, but at this point the government will not take it because this would create risks for employment,a Ademov said.
The rally of the Confederation of Independent Syndicates in Bulgaria, KNSB, has pushed back the student protesters in front of the Parliament building in Sofia.
There were no tensions between the different protesting fractions, and some of the KNSB speakers even called forth the students.
The trade union Confederation of Free and Independent Syndicates in Bulgaria, KNSB, is organizing a rally on Macedonia square, where its headquarters are located, but also plans a march to the Parliament.
At the same time, KNSB, one of the two largest trade unions in the country, staged a rally in Sofia to demand a 10 percent increase in public sector salaries and reforms in the inefficient and corruption-prone healthcare and energy sectors.
The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (KNSB) has called a national protest in the Bulgarian capital for Wednesday.
Monday, KNSB and other major trade union, Podkrepa, started talks about organizing a general strike, but the negotiations have fallen through.