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As part of this KNY agreement, a joint taskforce was established to provide a mechanism for the NRA, as the regional peak body, to negotiate a new way of doing business with the South Australian Government.
The KNY Ngarrindjeri task force set up a working party to develop a NRA Murray Futures business plan to act as the basis for negotiating the Ngarrindjeri component to the government's broader business plan.
More recently, as part of the whole-of-government KNY agreement, the NRA, through its newly established Research, Planning and Policy Unit, developed a project assessment and engagement strategy, which includes the identification of resource implications for the NRA; a proposed legal agreement framing the project; an assessment of the opportunities inherent in the proposed project; and recommendations relating to research ethics and practice (see Hemming and Rigney, D 2009).
Overarching research agreements, such as Ngarrindjeri KNY agreements, need to be in place between universities and Indigenous nations to protect against the colonising and unethical tendencies of this research ethics culture.
Importantly, the definitions of cultural knowledge provided here are included in the whole-of-government KNY agreement between the Ngarrindjeri and the South Australian Government (KNY 2009).
KNY (Kungun Ngarrindjeri Yunnan Agreement) 2009 Ngarrindjeri Tendi Incorporated, Ngarrindjeri Heritage Committee Incorporated and Ngarrindjeri Native Title Management Committee for and on behalf of the Ngarrindjeri people and The Crown in right of the State of South Australia represented by the Minister for Environment and Conservation, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, the Minister for the River Murray, and the Minister for Agriculture, Fond and Fisheries (5 June 2009).
This first KNY agreement was with the Alexandrina Council and contained an apology directed towards the Hindmarsh Island (Kumarangk) Bridge issue (see Hemming and Trevorrow 2005).
13) NRO, Knyvett-Wilson Collection, KNY 787-98, 73-75, 593-97, 473-75.
28) NRO, Knyvett-Wilson Archive, KNY 512 informs us that the lady who was certainly Anthony's mother (name withheld) died at Ely, although her home county was Wiltshire.
33) Anthony wrote a clear italic hand, as can be seen in the preamble to his draft will (NRO, Knyvett-Wilson Archive, KNY 505) and, to a lesser extent because he was near death, in his deathbed letter (KNY 506).
Some of the prominent exhibitors showcasing their range in these latest technologies will be KNY, Fotodiastasi, and Atiq Luise (Bella Lamps).