KNYKarp Namisniak Yamamoto (Architects Inc.; Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
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The son of Frederick Kny, the famous engraver, who moved from Czechoslovakia to work in Stourbridge, Ludwig's understanding of the processes involved must have been invaluable to the project.
"Lu Kny redesigned much of the basic glassware range to have strong, thickened bands at their weakest points, which meant the glass was much less likely to slump at high temperatures," Mike says.
KNY s set the foundation for a new style of relationship between negotiating parties.
Among those who will be in the spotlight are GE, Verbatim, Corvi, Radiant, Fivep, KNY and Hyundai Lighting.
Related are Semitic *kVnVy- for 'to call', Egyptian kny for 'to call', Western Chadic *kwa/un- for 'to say' and 'to tell', and Central Chadic *kawunfor 'speech'.
During 2009 Ngarrindjeri negotiated a whole-of-government Kungun Ngarrindjeri Yunnan (KNY) agreement (Listen to what Ngarrindjeri people have to say) with the South Australian Government and, in particular, the Department of Environment and Heritage (see DEH 2009; KNY 2009).
Identification of the KnY Knb polymorphism and a method for Knops genotyping.
The van, registration BIJ06 KNY, had wire mesh on the windows and was carrying around 70 parcels.