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KOCSKaiser Owners Club Switzerland
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Omer Koc owns one of the finest private libraries in Turkey, overshadowed only by his ever-expanding collections of Iznik ware, self-portraits and contemporary work.
The senior KOC officials presented lengthy explanation about conditions at the oil field, assuring the Governor about safety of the precautions to tackle the blazing well.
Dentigerous cysts were most commonly seen in the anterior maxilla (20 cysts, 64.5%), whereas KOCs were most common in the mandible (Table 3).
KUWAIT Oil Company (KOC) has celebrated its 75th anniversary since its establishment in 1934, boasting a history of great achievements and an archive that illustrates the construction of modern Kuwait.
This finding has led theorists to construct theories of international politics that are rooted in the influence of normative beliefs and ideas as well as material capabilities (Katzenstein 1996, Kocs 1994, Legro 1995, Paul 1995, Price 1995, Tannenwald 1997, Wendt 1992).
They stand as a useful metaphor for contemplating the Franco-German relationship, about which Stephen Kocs writes so sensibly in this book, a relationship over which the clouds seem frequently to be lowering, with brief glimpses of sunlight suggesting the inevitable arrival of yet another political storm system.
(24.) Stephen Kocs, "Explaining the Strategic Behavior of States: International Law as System Structure," International Studies Quarterly 38 (December 1994), pp.