KOFKing of Fighters (game)
KOFKonjunkturforschungsstelle (Zurich, Switzerland)
KOFKnights of Freedom (online gaming clan)
KOFKey Opinion Former (various organizations)
KOFKnights of Fire
KOFKeggi Orthopaedic Foundation (Middlebury, CT)
KOFKeepers of Fortitude (gaming)
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Stable Gross Leverage/Negative Net Debt Position: FEMSA's total debt at the holding level, excluding KOF, is projected to remain relatively stable at around MXN38 billion (USD2 billion) while the net debt position will be negative as its cash balance is higher than its total debt after selling its Heineken shares.
The KOF Globalization Index measures the social dimension of globalization in three categories: Firstly, it assesses cross-border personal contacts in the form of telephone calls, letters and tourist flows as well as the size of the resident foreign population.
A graphical representation of the KOF Index of Globalization is presented on the Figure 1 and exact values of the index for each country during the period of 1995-2009 are shown in the Table 1.
In September, the KOF index showed that the Swiss economy had reached 1.
The Swiss economy is growing vigorously thanks to a robust domestic economy and high foreign demand," the Zurich-based KOF said.
I have grown up with KOF and Streetfighter franchises and, despite the similari-ties, there are room for the two.
Tickers featured: ABV, BUD, FMX, HANS, KO, KOF, PAS, PEP, TAP.
But time stands still for no one, so to see where the country is going, the head of KOF gives us a peek at the Swiss economy's two-year forecast; while Avenir Suisse looks at our political future.
Citing the KOF Swiss Economic Institute in Zurich as its source, a posting on the website of the Swiss Broadcasting Company (SBC) on May 25, 2007 said that the Swiss economy was likely to grow strongly in during the rest of 2007.
In all there are 19 of the fighters known to KOF fans included in the game, plus one random slot.
Previously KOF used 60 percent fructose and 40 percent sugar in soft drinks.