KOFRKing of the Road, Inc. (Topeka, Kansas)
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Carpio, together with other Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, questioned why KofR opted to go straight to the Supreme Court instead of filing a petition before the lower court.
The senior magistrate pointed out that since KofR insisted that Torre de Manila is a nuisance per accidence, something that becomes a nuisance by reason of circumstances and surroundings, it would require presentation of evidence.
Israeli forces raided the village of Kofr Malek in pre-dawn operations to arrest wanted Palestinians.
Local sources reported that the Israeli bulldozers uprooted dozens of trees and destroyed the existing crops in the Thohour el-Sboh area, north of Kofr el-Deek.
The 17 year old Palestinian woman, Nihad Kamal Dawoud Aqel, is from the village of Kofr Qadoum between Nablus and Qalqilia and was rushed to Rafidyah hospital in Nablus for treatment for a serious injury in a thigh.
Families from Kofr Aqab of the occupied East Jerusalem were turned back on Wednesday after they approached the Motherhood and Childhood centres for the polio vaccinations and were told that they were not on the Israeli Health Ministry's list for vaccination.
Around 3:30 am Saturday several military jeeps entered the western Ramallah town through the gate in the Wall, and from the neighboring villages of Kofr Ni'ma and Saffa.
Ramallah: A 63-year-old retired Palestinian teacher, Noor Al Deen Ebrahim Hamdan of Kofr Jammal, north of the West Bank, claims he will manufacture primitive weapons to protect himself and his family from daily attacks by Israeli wild pigs.
The 27-year-old Bilal who has a mother, ten brothers and two sisters is from the village of Kofr Raei near Jenin.
They have also seized approximately 333 acres of land from the village of Jaloud, south east Nablus, along with 39 acres of land from the Palestinian residents of Al Baqa'a, Hebron, 33 acres from Mashah in Salfit, four acres from Kofr Qadum near Qalqilia, four acres from Beit Ommar and approximately three acres from those living in Tafouh in Hebron.
The Israelis are taking steps due to which some Arab towns in Israel, including Kofr Qasem, Jaljolia, Tayiba and Tira with their residents will come under under the PNA while the Israeli colonies in the West Bank will remain under the Israeli rule.