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KOIKepler Object of Intrest (astronomy)
KOIKernel Object Interface
KOIKentucky Office of Insurance
KOIKirkwall / Orkney Island, Scotland, United Kingdom Kirkwall (Airport Code)
KOIKey Outcome Indicator
KOIKingdom of Insanity (game site)
KOIKoderovka Obmyena Informatsee (Coded Information Exchange; Russian Standard)
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KOI has 11 subsidiaries and affiliates, merged into it in December 1993: F.
This partial supplies various kinds of food caterers: 1) groceries, 2) frozen vegetables for fish species, 3) Olive, 4) Fresh meat 5) Fresh poultry, 6) Goods Stores and 7) bakery items, for the purposes of legal person KOI.