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KOLTKendrick Object Learning Test (memory test)
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Kolt G.S., Driver R.P., Giles L.C., 2004, Why older Australians participate in exercise and sport.
Lazarus, 1966; Selye, 1974), they have been neglected in recent research; in particular, a number of authors have identified a need for further research on eustress in work-life settings (Hargrove, Nelson & Cooper, 2013; Le Fevre, Matheny & Kolt, 2003; Simmons & Nelson, 2007).
Kolt, my 4-year-old Lab, enjoys "bustin' em out and bringin' 'em back" and performed well on a recent pheasant hunt near Metamora, Michigan.
Three LNG tankers, Provalys, STX Kolt and Grace Acacia, were headed towards Yemen's export terminal in Balhaf earlier this month, but were all diverted, Reuters ship-tracking map showed.
La premiere, une exposition de photographies en noir et blanc, sur d'anciennes pieces de theatre comme : [beaucoup moins que] Hia kalet oua ana kolt [beaucoup plus grand que] en 1975, [beaucoup moins que] Hafila tassir [beaucoup plus grand que] en 1985, [beaucoup moins que] Homk Salim [beaucoup plus grand que] en 1972, [beaucoup moins que] El Bouaboune [beaucoup plus grand que] en 1970, [beaucoup moins que]  Bayae rassou fi kartassou [beaucoup plus grand que] en 1989, [beaucoup moins que] Dairate taachir koukazia [beaucoup plus grand que] en 1969.
GATEWAY GRIZZLIES -- Released RHPs Kolt Browder, Justin Erasmus and Oliver Van Zant.
Stretching is defined as a movement applied by an external and/or internal force to increase joint range of motion (Weerapong, Hume & Kolt, 2004).
On the other hand, Donahue and Kolt (1992) says that conflict is "........A situation in which independent people express (manifest or latent) differences in satisfying their individual needs and interests and they experience interference from each other in accomplishing these goals".
There are plentiful resources for MHCs wishing to begin or build up their private practices (e.g., Barry, 2005; Davis, 1996; Grand, 2004; Grodzki, 2003, 2000; Hunt, 2005; Kolt, 1999; Lawless, 1997; Pipal, 1997; Steele, 2003; Stout & Grand, 2006).
Collaborators include University of Western Sydney researchers Emma George and Gregory Kolt.