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KOMESKorean Meteorological Society (South Korea)
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"The simulator was different than any training the units have ever been through," said Komes. "When we conduct training at Ellsworth Air Force Base, it involves jet fuel so we aren't allowed to go into the aircraft.
After its first release in 1989, Komes said, the vineyard became infested with phylloxera.
Komes estimated the additional cost at about $1 per bottle.
Three generations of the Flora Springs family--Flora Komes, Julie Garvey and Sean Garvey--recently hosted an intimate retrospective tasting of Trilogy at Komes' San Francisco apartment.
Julie Komes Garvey was a bit uncomfortable stepping into the spotlight as the InSight heavy hitter for this issue of Wines & Vines.
John Komes, president of Flora Springs Winery, had applied for a new 20,000-gallon winery on Highway 29 just north of the Robert Mondavi Winery.