KOMLKoala Object Markup Language
KOMLKoni-Omega Mailing List
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KOML, which accounts for 77 per cent of the group's workforce, maintained a low accident frequency rate, AFR, of 0.
On the coordination of safety excellence and maintaining its safety record across all its subsidiaries, Foo says: "With the merger of KOML and Keppel FELS, the latter looks after the safety of the yards overseas.
A feladatelltssal rintett teleplsek Pcs (24 telephely), Mohcs (2 telephely), Kaposvr (1 telephely), Koml (4 telephely), Sellye (1 telephely), Sikls (6 telephely), Szekszrd (1 telephely), Szentlorinc (1 telephely), Szigetvr (3 telephely), Villny (1 telephely), Bly (1 telephely).
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