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KONKonkani (language)
KONKappa Omicron Nu (various universities)
KONKnights of Ni
KONKnowledge on the Net (Italy; Internet business)
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Said Imran Abbas, "Tum Kon Piya depicts a new angle of love where the lead actor shows a great deal of sacrifice even without being able to marry his beloved due to parental opposition.
This is a collection of his early work, remember, and while Kon was a genius, not every story he created was a home run.
contract with Kon Construction and was therefore liable for a portion of the unpaid invoices which she found had been improperly inflated (Kon Construction v Terranova Development, 2014 ABQB 256).
Kon said he had received assurances of commitment of the government to resolve the problem, asking him to return to Egypt to the students with the greeting of the government and the family members of the students and assurances that their government has received their message.
Kris Kon A/S Denmark was incorporated in Denmark in 1998 and is the largest Danish direct provider of oil and gas rights (working interests) from the US to the Danish market.
Eric left for London and Alan Price joined the Kon Tors, who became the Alan Price R n B Combo.
Kon tubayan ta ang linya ni Pacquiao nga boxing is foremost entertainment maka-ingon kita nga ang iyang pagdabu-dabu ni Rios katunga lang sa sugilanon kon naka halin ba isip salida ang maong panagsangka.
Pictured left are Age Concern team Dai Cannan, Mike Jacques and Jake Caston, who won out in the veterans tournament while pictured right are runners up Barnstone, consisting of Graham Attfield, Tony Smith & Kon Tomczyk
Charles het empatie gehad met die vertrapte, en magsmisbruik en in alle vorme verafsku en hy kon hom effektief en elegant daarteen verset.
Balotelli watched a film about Kon Kelei's life called 'The Silent Army' and was so touched by his story that he offered to help finance a project to build a secondary school.
Considered one of Japan's most exciting directors of animated films, or "anime," Kon was born in 1963 on the island of Hokkaido and debuted as a comic book artist at age 23 while still an art student at Musashino Art University near Tokyo.
It is one of only six copies of the album by the Kon Tors, which was recorded at the Mortonsound music studio, in Newcastle.