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KOOKSKeepers Of Odd Knowledge Society
KOOKSKeep Our Own Kids Safe (Rush Limbaugh)
KOOKSKollectors of Old Kitchen Stuff (various locations)
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Co-headlining the main stage on day two will be the four-piece Brit band The Kooks, known for classics such as 'She Moves In Her Own Way', 'Naive' and 'Ooh La'.
The Kooks were one of a raft of British guitar bands that became commercially successful in the mid-Noughties, along with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Razorlight.
The Kooks have also played with The Stones - more than once.
The Kooks are popular in the music industry for their hit song "She Moves in Her Own Way" and "Ooh La." The band released their debut album "Inside In/Inside Out" in 2005.
"It was fantastic to see some quality local talent up with a band as big as The Kooks, who finished the day off perfectly."
Named after David Bowie's 'Hunky Dory' album track 'Kooks', the band members share a love of The Police, the Everly Brothers and Funkadelic, all of which they have plumbed for inspiration.
Pritchard was in Los Angeles with the rest of The Kooks and producer Tony Hoffer to record third album Junk Of The Heart, which is out now.
Mischa, who dated Luke until March, was spotted partying with the Kooks frontman in London, fuelling speculation of a romance.
For many Religious Zionists, the followers of the Kooks, recent events have proven traumatic.
The Libertines have a lot to answer for, spawning bands such as The Kooks who jump around and shout a lot.
We listen to them sometimes, and I have come to the conclusion that they are shills for the Left, but posing as "conservative." Both Limbaugh and Hannity have pooh-poohed the idea of a conspiracy, and Limbaugh went so far as to accuse those of us who believe in the existence of a conspiracy as "kooks."
While his soon-to-be father-in-law worries that the wedding will be seen as an endorsement of gay marriage or refers to "the kooks they show on television in gay pride parades," Wythe remains focused on honoring his love for his partner.