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KOOPKlant Order Ontkoppel Punt (Dutch: Customer Order Disconnect Point)
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Josyline Javelosa (center) with visiting Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy Students and Kansas Corn representatives Emily Koop and Stacy Mayo-Martinez.
"You will be surprised to know that after 450 years both Akshay Vat and Saraswati Koop are open for the pilgrims.
All of which makes her every fashion choice even more freighted, and none of which has escaped the woman who, starting during Obama's second year in the White House, has helped her put it all together: Meredith Koop. (Koop styled the Elle shoot, so the clothes reflect Obama's idea of herself, not the magazine's.)
Greg Abbott and House and Senate leaders, Koop, a Dallas Republican, raised concerns that legislative personnel were not "fully educated as to where to report misconduct or harassment."
On the other hand, Ating Koop and MTM Phils both failed to win a seat in the last party-list race.
Koop," said APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD.
At the same time, Koop was also known for his fundamentalist Christianity, and for strongly opposing abortion on moral grounds.
Contrary to the hopes and expectations of antiabortion activists who had lobbied Reagan to appoint Koop because of his well-known opposition to abortion, Koop declined to use his bully pulpit to promote his personal views.
Koop was not the first Surgeon General to address the scourge of tobacco use in the country.
Koop equaled the Great Communicator at his own game: He used his position to speak to medical and lay audiences around the country on key health issues of the day.
Koop assessed all the available data on the health consequences of pregnancy termination.