KOOSKnee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score
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Then I saw him: it was my own dog, Koos, a very good dog.
When they had gone I crept off the other way, and Koos followed me.
For me, I snatched up the rug--afterwards I found it was Noma's best kaross, made by Basutos of chosen cat-skins, and worth three oxen--and I fled, followed by Koos.
So we slipped away together, followed by the dog Koos, and soon we were running over the veldt with our faces set towards the country of the Zulu tribe.
Depute fiscal Katy Begg had told Aberdeen Sheriff Court Koos's first victim that day worked at Spin and was approached by Armstrong who asked for some water for the dog at around 3pm.
Fiscal depute Katy Begg previously told Aberdeen Sheriff Court that Koos' first victim that day worked at Spin.
KOOS has been successfully translated into 8 Indian languages so far without any scientific publications on its validation in Indian population.
"Increasing demands for extensive and faster wireless connections as well for sophisticated wireless broadband internet services require that the telecommunication industry continue to innovate and push," Koos explains, "yet even with the capabilities of today's wireless devices, challenges remain."
The KOOS pain subscore fell by an average of 3.8 points in the anakinra-treated patients, a statistically significant 23% relative improvement, compared with no significant change in the placebo patients.
From such broad textual beginnings, Koos narrows to Venetian authorities when considering "effeminacy as a problem" (121).
"The Huffman Koos name in our territory is synonymous with quality home furnishings.
Although it had been profitable through those years, Koos, who joined Goody earlier this year after working for several years for other Newell divisions, admits that there were things that could have been done to bolster the supplier's results.
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