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KORAKansas Open Records Act
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In Into the Black, alien half-blood Eros fights for life and throne while Sepharon queen Kora battles between loyalty towards Eros and duty towards her subjects.
Segal's sensitivity to West African rhythms is clearly on display in "Balazando" as he opens with a spasmic flurry of notes that might seem random (even accidental) in a European context but settle effortlessly into a polyrhythmic groove when Sissoko's kora arrives in melodic support.
As a result, unlike other pacing systems, Kora 250 minimizes the amount of time that patients experience MRI mode.
The company said the KORA 100 pacing system will be distributed in Japan by Japan Lifeline Co Ltd.
htm) Miranda recently talked to Net-A-Porter's "The Edit" magazine about Kora .
The kora music of Mali, and the culture of griots, arguably fills a similar cultural role.
Keita was schooled in the kora from childhood - he is from the centuries-old griot (storyteller) tradition - and he also played drums (he worked with the Anglo-African world music Baka Beyond) before specialising in the kora.
The documentary sees the Doc Martin star travel to the Kora National Reserve in Kenya - the setting for the famous film Born Free - on a mission to return endangered lions to the wild.
The Men Behaving Badly star has been involved in a three-year project to return Kenya's Kora National Reserve to its former glory as a sanctuary for the wild animals.
And just as his father made many of his famous recordings with the kora master Toumani Diabate; so has Vieux worked with Toumani's son Sidiki.
Therese was sacked by her daughter in her role as the managing director of Miranda's Kora skincare range last year.
3 diary dates 1 CATRIN FINCH & SECKOU KEITA The Welsh harpist and Sengalese kora player have become renowned for their work as a duo.