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The prison guards are friendly but distracted, and Kosef J soon falls into a routine of assisting them in their work, participating in their games, and living off of prison food and shelter.
Once again the yearning (kosef) that comes with the speed of lightning and sinks like a spear into the ribs and turns the mind into a tattered cloud in a man's heart and doesn't stop until blood spurts from his heart.
This work is partially supported by KOSEF grant funded by the Korean government (R01-2007-000-10062-0).
The principal author is grateful to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India, for the award of Research Associateship, and the financial assistance through KOSEF Postdoctoral Fellowship, South Korea, which made this work possible.
This work was supported by the grant (R01-2007-000-20546-0) from the Basic Research Program of KOSEF, and was supported in part by the grant KRF-2008-354-G00088 (to W.
This research was supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) grant (R012007-000-10561-0) and a grant titled "Origin of biological diversity of Korea: molecular phylogenetic analyses of major Korean taxa" funded by The National Institute of Biological Resources, Korean Government.
Authors acknowledge the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST)/Korea Science & Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) through the Vestibulocochlear Research Center (VCRC) at Wonkwang University for financial support.
Acknowledgments This project was supported by the NSFC for Outstanding Young Scientists, the National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China, and a Korean Science & Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) grant funded by the Korean Government (MOST) (No.
was supported by grants from the SRC/ERC program of MOST/ KOSEF (grant R11-2000-070-080010).
The authors are also grateful to the ERC for Advanced Bioseparation Technology, KOSEF. NOMENCLATURE [a.sub.p] external surface area per particle volume, [cm.sup.2]/[cm.sup.3] [C.sub.i] mobile phase concentration of species i, g/L [E.sup.j.sub.b,i,] axial dispersion coefficient of component i in zone j, [cm.sup.2]/min [F.sup.feed.sub.2-zone] feed flow rate of the two-zone SMB, mL/min [F.sup.feed.sub.2-zone] feed flow rate of the five-zone SMB, mL/min [F.sup.I.sub.max] maximum flow rate in zone I, mL/min [k.sub.m] mass-transfer coefficient, cm/min [K.sub.i] linear isotherm parameter, L/L S.V.
This work was supported in part by grants P20RR018727 (Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence) and G 12RR003061 (Research Centers in Minority Institutions) from the National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health, and by grant 1121-2005-000-10017-0 from MOST (KOSEF), South Korea.