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KOTRKing of the Road (skateboarding)
KOTRKing of the Ring (pro wrestling)
KOTRKings of the Rollers
KOTRKnights of the Round
KOTRKorea on the rocks (website)
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In its favour, KOTR has some nice aesthetic features.
What really frustrated or annoyed you about KOTR? It was by no means a perfect contest.
Was KOTR the first time your father has ever tased you?
We actually got one the other day where it was me, Tyson and someone else and they were, like, "Were you guys on KOTR?" And it was four of us who were on KOTR.
You went all in on KOTR. You did all of the gnarliest challenges.
How do you think KOTR compares at this point to some of the things you guys were doing on Jackass?
KOTR faves Nora, Louie, Jamie Thomas, Ryan Lee, Neen and Nick Sr.
MOST EMOTIONAL KOTR MOMENT Zion Wright, tears of joy at Lower Bobs
First up, Foundation, the little super company that could, comes off its fantastically radical/hilarious KOTR performance with a top-shelf flick waiting in the wings.
Highest point on KOTR: P-Stone day with Zion going pro at Lower Bobs
Gravette probably tried it and Frank Gerwer took the plunge on KOTR with Antihero, ending up in a doubled-over wallet slide on his guts to the very bottom.
And what of Shane O'Neill, hater of KOTR but lover of ledge, taking sweet revenge on that Bust or Bail switch flip to the face by lofting it over Heath Kirchart's heroic battlefield?