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[DELTA]ln([ATT.sub.t])) does not support the hypothesis that KPBL
implies that the IES for KPBL games is located in the elastic region.
statistically significant (negative) effects of MLB airtime on KPBL
dispersion of MLB games has negative effects on KPBL attendance.
In comparing our MLB results (Table 2) with those for the KPBL
strongly habit forming, whereas KPBL attendance is not; and that while
MLB fan behavior exhibits a small IES, for the KPBL, it is large.
in the fan environment that make habit formation less likely in the KPBL
36.1% of Korean fans reported watching KPBL games for at least 1 h in
two observations (to wit, data from two leagues: MLB and the KPBL).
elasticity for the KPBL: Lee (2006) reported a negative but
KPBL is that season tickets are much more prevalent in MLB.