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This approach was evaluated using an existing validated patient dataset that included 6345 patient records from the KPCR database, which collected data from six tertiary medical institutions.
KPCR Patient PSA Gleason score Clinical T 1 440.6 9 T2c 2 152.8 8 T3b 3 108.8 7b T1c ...
Comparative evaluation of the VERSANT HIV- 1 RNA 1.0 kinetic PCR molecular system (kPCR) for the quantification of HIV-1 plasma viral load.
Tres de los estudios que compararon pacientes infectados por KPCR contra pacientes infectados con KPSC encontraron asociacion con quinolonas (2,5,7) mientras que otros tres, uno de ellos en pacientes con bacteriemia, no la encontraron (6,14,15).
El primero fue un estudio hecho en Israel y encontro que el unico factor de riesgo exclusivo para KPCR era el empleo previo de antibioticos, en particular las quinolonas y los carbapenemicos (4).
We performed the fully automated method to isolate total nucleic acids from FFPE tissue using iron oxide beads coated with a nanolayer of silica on a modified VERSANT[R] kPCR Molecular System (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics) as previously described (10).
Quantification of HIV-RNA from dried blood spots using the Siemens VERSANT[R] HIV-1 RNA (kPCR) assay.
Unless otherwise indicated, the robot, buffers, and chemicals are part of the VERSANT[R] kPCR Molecular System (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics), which is commercially available in the EU but currently not available in the US.