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KPCSKimberly Process Certification Scheme
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KPCSKlebsiella Pneumoniae Culture Supernatant
KPCSKIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Philadelphia Charter School (est. 2003; Philadelphia, PA)
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At present, KPCS has 55 members representing 82 countries including the European Union with 28 members.
pneumoniae were detected at Ampath-MDRC during January 2014-December 2016; the total included NDM (n = 58), KPC (n = 10), VIM (n = 35), and OXA-48-like (n = 471) carbapenemases (Appendix Table 2).
'Due to low Jet A-1 fuel stocks at JKIA, with immediate effect all non- scheduled operators are advised to tanker fuel from other locations and reduce fuel uptake from JKIA and Moi International Airport,' KPC acting managing director Hudson Andambi said in a letter to KCAA dated March 4.
The KPCS is the process established in 2000 to prevent "conflict diamonds" from entering the mainstream rough diamond market by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 following recommendations in the Fowler Report.
[27] Other phenotypic tests include the modified Hodge test (MHT), which is able to detect carbapenemase producers and works well for the detection of KPCs and OXA-48 but is less sensitive to NDM producers.
Ceftazidime-Avibactam has proven activity against isolates of CRKP that produces KPC (7) but not against other carbapenemases such as metallo-[beta]-lactamases.
Among the most worrisome CREs are the Gram-negative bacilli that produce Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (KPC), a broad-spectrum [beta]-lactamase.
(3) Obtain KPCs and KPCs mapping from KPCA for the high training lifetime relative feature set, and select the first KPCs with CCR exceeding 85%.