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The minister has indicated that a forensic audit will guide his next steps in the bid to revive an entity that has been comatose since 1997.The audit will seek to establish where KPCU assets went, whether it genuinely owes anyone other than farmers money and whether it would be still viable in the changed dynamics of coffee farming and marketing.But the team will realise soon enough that it has a daunting task.
For behind the woes of KPCU and other bodies established to support farmers, such as Kenya Farmers Association, sugar companies, National Cereals and Produce Board and the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya is blatant mismanagement, outright theft and political interference.
When I heard President Uhuru Kenyatta order Trade minister Peter Munya last week to restructure KPCU, I just wondered whether the son of Jomo knows the depth of the rot in that organisation.
Unsuspecting small scale farmers are selling their unmilled coffee directly from the farm to dealers some of whom have outstanding debts with the KPCU. The dealers can then deliver large quantifies of coffee to the private millers, outwitting the KPCU and avoiding having to pay their loan installments.
This is the rationale behind a project spearheaded by the Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU).
KENYA -- The Kenya Planters Co-operative Union (KPCU) approved major reforms aimed at improving the international price of locally grown coffee, reports the Nation.
Saying they now live in slums, the families claimthat a team of"five strange men"identified as Kenya Planters Co-operative Union (KPCU)officialsstartedrunningtheir society.
KENYA -- Small scale coffee farmers from the giant Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU) wants to get rid of the weekly Nairobi coffee auction, reports The East African Standard.
The country's three largest millers have taken on the marketing responsibilities; KPCU, Thika and Socfinaf.
From Nairobi, a senior official of the Kenya Planters' Cooperative Union (KPCU) has reported that the quality of Kenyan coffee, once considered amongst the highest in the world, was steadily declining because of high production costs and poor weather, causing deep concern amongst buyers, who have voiced complaints about the low quality.