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KPDKnoxville Police Department
KPDKey Pad
KPDKetosis-Prone Diabetes
KPDKilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya (Filipino: Movement for National Democracy; political organization)
KPDKaua'i Police Department (Lihue, HI)
KPDKokomo Police Department
KPDKey Pre-Distribution
KPDKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania (Airport Code)
KPDKommunistiche Partei Deutschlands (German: Communist Party of Germany)
KPDKerrville Police Department (Kerrville, Texas)
KPDKivalliq Partners in Development
KPDKnobs Per Dollar (humor)
KPDKernersville Police Department (North Carolina)
KPDKarzai Protective Detail (Afghanistan security team)
KPDKasson Police Department (Minnesota)
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Responding to a request for more information from Transplant News, Sleeman explained the process that led to the OPTN/UNOS board to broaden the options for the KPD pilot system.
The predominant role of the German Communist Party (KPD) in the Comintern in the 1920s and 1930s is indisputable and well known.
Since its discovery as a faint blue star in 1985, KPD 0005+5106 attracted much attention because optical spectra taken with ground-based telescopes suggested that this white dwarf is very hot.
Very interesting are Bodek's comments on the tension between the party's leaders and its "cultural workers." The KPD leadership criticized the allegedly faulty political understanding of young proletarian performers who drew copiously on their own social experience to analyze the crimes of the capitalist world.
He reviews succinctly the birth of the KPD and its minor role in the revolutionary events of 1918-1919, its early dependence on Comintern, and its fusion with the USPD, which allowed it to claim "to represent the dominant force on the radical left" (15).
Capitan became the first noncriminal and nondrug-related victim of extrajudicial killing under the new administration, said Fidel Fababier, KPD vice chair.
More recent studies of the KPD confirm this, with the outstanding example being Stalin and Molotov's personal intervention in reappointing Ernst Thalmann as party leader after the German central committee attempted to oust him in 1928 to limit the impending 'left turn' and the anticipated purges of more 'moderate' leaders.
"By having a pilot program, the Kidney Transplantation Committee will be able to gather the information necessary to create a solid-evidence-base for national policy," UNOS reported in a briefing paper on the KPD pilot program launch.
Campaign leader for United Way at KPD for past seven years and has coordinated donations of more than $75,000; a leader in coordinating KPD's United Way Day of Caring projects.
The KPD was one of the few communist parties outside the Soviet Union which could claim genuine mass support.
The KPD began June 15 when an altruistic donor donated a kidney to a recipient from one of the incompatible pairs at Johns Hopkins.
KPD Insurance has hired Evan Friese as commercial lines sales executive.