KPDKKey/Pad/Data/Key (authentication header transform IETF)
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I suggested a tower tour at KPDK, and told her I'd see if I could arrange it.
As I was about to inform approach that we wanted to return to KPDK, approach asked us if we were in a turn.
I told him the nature of the emergency and requested vectors back to KPDK. We had only been airborne for about 30 minutes, and I assumed KPDK was our closest and best option.
The trip from Tucson to KPDK in Atlanta, Ga., went just the same with a stop for fuel in Dallas, Texas.
The clearance came back as the DALLAS EIGHT departure to Quitman, direct Rocket, the BUNNI arrival to KADEE, and then direct KPDK. Do you see a pattern here?