KPMBKuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (architecture firm; Toronto, Canada)
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According to Bruce Kuwabara, principal, KPMB Architects (Toronto), the site is "part of the epic history of the narrative of the city of Toronto.
When KPMB's Kuwabara was a kid, his grandmother lived near the site.
The meditative origins, the warm materials palette, the creation of a community space and not just a building: these traits are characteristic of the KPMB practice.
Since these five features may seem obvious, even as their realization is in fact far from common, allow me to expand on them with a series of expansive theses which I believe the city-building practice of KPMB brings to our attention.
"For corporations worldwide, PowerFactoRE truly represents the next leap beyond the manufacturing advances of the late 20th Century," said Steve Gold, vice president and managing director, KPMB Consulting.
This year, the task of picking through and making sense of such an embarrassment of riches fell to Shirley Blumberg, of Toronto-based KPMB, Shuhei Endo from Osaka, Jo Noero from Cape Town and Peter Davey, the AR's former editor and founder of the Awards programme.