KPNAKorps Politie Nederlandse Antillen (Dutch: Netherlands Antilles Police Force)
KPNAKings Park Neighbors' Association (Long Island, NY)
KPNAKutzky Park Neighborhood Association (Rochester, MN)
KPNAKumon Publishing North America, Inc. (Teaneck, NJ)
KPNAKansas Psychiatric Nurses Association
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KPNA chairman Michael Nyongesa warned that the plan would result in discrimination yet all public servants should be accorded the same treatment.
Abbreviations: NPC: nuclear pore complex; SV40: simian virus 40; NLS: nuclear localization signal; cNLS: classical nuclear localization signal; NTR: nuclear transport receptor; Nup: nucleoporin; FG repeat: phenylalanine-glycine repeat; PTAC: nuclear pore-targeting complex; KPNA: karyopherin a; KPNB: karyopherin [beta]; IBB: importin [beta]-binding; Arm: armadillo.
(18.) One answer to the role of women in 29 and 29A is offered by Charlotte Schmid, who sees the scenes of Kpna's rivalry with Indra in terms of the assumption or appropriation of Indra's role and identity as king of gods by the new avalara who supercedes the Vedic power.