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KPNWKaiser Permanente Northwest Region (Center for Health Research; Portland, OR)
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2005), census-based proxy for median family income, health plan (KPCO, KPNW, KPWA), index year, presence of an inpatient event within 12 months post-index date, receipt of chemotherapy within 12 months post-index date, and whether the individual died in the last month for which data were available.
When Washington State required health insurers to cover the services of naturopathic doctors, KPNW investigators asked respected naturopaths to tell them which conditions were appropriate for naturopathic care.
For the main investigation, we recruited adolescents who met the following inclusion criteria: (a) current KPNW members; (b) aged 14 to 19 years; (c) diagnosis of major depression, dysthymia, or depression not otherwise specified; (d) no history of psychotic disorders, mania (including bipolar disorder), or mental retardation; and (e) residence in a single metropolitan area.
The control group consisted of children from KPNC and KPNW, which chose to retain generic copayments for CFC-free albuterol after the policy change.
He spent seven years at the station, after that first day broadcasting from KPNW's building on North Hideaway Hills Road, between Goshen and Creswell, with Gov.
The study population comprised 251,251 females aged 12-55 years who were continuously enrolled as KPNW members for a minimum of 42 days at any time during 1998-2001.
In each analysis period sampled members had to have 24 months of continuous KPNW eligibility in the same Medicare risk program, either the S/HMO or Medicare Plus.
I believe liberal terrorists not only conspired to knock KPNW off the air, but spiked the punch at a Republican fundraiser last month with patchouli oil.
It was most interesting - and thought provoking - reading about the KPNW transmitter failure (Register-Guard, July 7).
After more than four days of silence, KPNW AM 1120 went back on the air Tuesday, just before noon.
Local conservative talk radio station KPNW AM 1120 has been off the air since Friday, and while station managers are blaming sizzling weekend temperatures, some listeners have other ideas.
He worked at KEZI television from 1960 to 1970 and was general manager of KPNW, KODZ and KDUK from 1970 to 2000.