KPPODKomite Pemantauan Pelaksanaan Otonomi Daerah (Indonesian: Committee Monitoring the Implementation of Regional Autonomy)
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Table--1 Indicators of regional economic management and weight of interest (%) Weight No Indicators (%) 1 Access to business area and business certainty 14,0 2 Business licensing procedure 8,8 3 Interaction between the regional administration 10,0 and business players 4 Lack of program for business development 14,8 5 Capacity and integrity of regents/city mayors 2,0 6 Transaction cost in the regions 9,9 7 Management of regional infrastructure 35,5 8 Security and conflict solution 4,0 9 Regional regulations 1,0 Source: KPPOD Table--2 Ranking in regional economic management system, 2007 Ten Top 10 Lowest 1.
A research team consisting of one of us along with a member of KPPOD visited each of the five districts in summer 2008.
(10.) KPPOD collected data on local governance for its Local Economic Governance Index in 243 Indonesian districts in 2008, but this only provides a static snapshot of local governance during that period.