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KPPSKilo Pulses per Second
KPPSKilopulses per Second
KPPSKey Persons Protection Scheme (UK)
KPPSKilo Packets Per Second
KPPSKansas Professional Photographers School (Newton, KS)
KPPSKapiolani Park Preservation Society (Honolulu, HI)
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The force protection KPP is applicable to all manned semi-autonomous or autonomous systems designed to enhance personnel survivability.
One way that we can address this concern is by advocating continued use of the materiel availability key performance parameter (KPP) and its two supporting key system attributes, reliability and ownership cost.
AMMPS is one program that has used KPPs to its benefit.
Though the KPPS process has a broad size range, Tuerk says K-M recommends it for pipes with diameters above 78 inches (1980 mm).
The draft CDD specifies capability requirements in terms of developmental KPPs, Key System Attributes (KSA), and Additional Performance Parameters (APA), and is based on the capability requirements and capability gaps specified in the ICD.
These QRC systems will retain their unique sensing capabilities and configurations until upgrades are performed to meet EMARSS Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) and other system requirements.
The 2009 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) codified both FBCF and new energy Key Performance Parameters (KPPs, in gallons per day or mission).
One of these KPPs directly relates to NetOps (network management in particular), and two other KPPs indirectly involve NetOps.
* Cross-walked military occupational specialties (MOSs) to key performance parameters (KPPs) and attributes across each CDD;
* Validated the seven FCS Key Performance Parameters (KPPs).