KPRPKomunistycznej Partii Robotniczej Polski (Polish: Communist Polish Workers Party)
KPRPKeratinocyte Proline-Rich Protein
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He then abdicated the throne and formed the Sangkum Reastr Niyum Party, whose candidates swept Cambodian elections in 1955 and made him effective head of state into the 1960s, when the kingdom was an "island if peace." Pol Pot returned to Cambodia in 1953 after failing all his examinations and briefly spent time in the Vietnamese-dominated resistance, where he was accepted as a member of the ICP (Indo-China Communist Party) and worked closely with Tou Samouth, a well known Cambodian KPRP cadre.
The Cambodian People's Party (CPP, the renamed KPRP), still led by Hun Sen, won only 38 per cent while the Royalist party FUNC1NPEC, led by Prince Ranariddh, won 45 per cent.
As part of Korean Pavement Research Program (KPRP), the Korea Pavement Design Guide (KPDG) has been developed based on the mechanistic-empirical design principle in this study.
PaRRSA in collaboration with USAID (KPRP) has reconstructed 12 Basic Health Units (5 fully, 7 partially damaged BHUs) in far-flung areas of Malakand Division.
For example, the Buddhist Institute in Phnom Penh was an important breeding ground for Cambodian nationalists, such as Son Ngoc Thanh, the future Prime Minister under the Japanese and leader of the Khmer Serei, and Tou Samouth, the future Secretary-General of the communist Khmer People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP).
Predictably, in 1918 PPS-Lewica split from PPS and amalgamated with the revolutionary SDKPiL (Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania) to form the KPRP (Communist Worker's Party of Poland).
Rehabilitation/Widening of 10-12 Rural Roads under'Khadem-e-Punjab Roads Programme (KPRP)' (South Zone) at a cost of Rs 8025.058 million, Khadem-e-Punjab Roads Program (KPRP) (Rehabilitation and Widening of
A notable example is Morris's observations on the so-called 'Khmer Viet Minh', those members of the Khmer People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP, later the Communist Party of Kampuchea) who regrouped to Hanoi in 1954 and only returned to Cambodia in the early 1970s.