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KPSIKnots Per Square Inch
KPSIKeeping Palm Springs Informed
KPSIThousand Pounds per Square Inch
KPSIKilo-Pound per Square Inch
KPSIKarnofsky Performance Status Index
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Note, wrought steels have tensile strengths ranging from 310 to 2000 MN/[m.sup.2] (45 to 290 kpsi).
Saint-Gobain Seals Group embarked on the development of next generation of materials that can be used to fabricate the next generation of sealing solutions due to the rising need to improve Subsea Production Systems that can operate at high pressure and high temperature beyond 15 kpsi and 200[degrees]C/392[degrees]F.
The HPLC system was equilibrated at 10 kpsi with 100% mobile phase A, and a mobile phase selection valve was switched 50 min after injection, which created a near-exponential gradient as mobile phase B displaced A in a 2.5 mL active mixer.
speed: -- 160 km/h Fuel: compressed [H.sub.2] -- 4 kg, 5 kpsi Pieces: 30 pcs 100 pcs Manufacturer: Hyundai Tucson Toyota Highlander Year: 2004 2002 Motor: fuel cells fuel cells/batteries FC type: PEM PEM Toyota Power: 80 kW 90 kW Range: 300 km 290 km Max.
Driving this demand are end users who need more kpsi for better sample resolution and higher throughput rates, and manufacturers (keen to satisfy user need) who are asking engineers to build in more pressure capacity with the goal of launching the most competitive, cutting-edge technology.
Este bloque contiene una prueba KPSI ("Knowledge and Prior Study Inventory", Young & Tamir 1977 en Jorba & Casellas 1997); al contestar a las preguntas que la integran, el alumno se autoevalua e indica como percibe su grado de conocimiento en las dos lenguas de analisis.
The valves provide "L" pattern flow routing at pressures up to 10 kpsi, with models available for use with 360 pm and 1/32 or 1/16" tubing.
When the pump set is configured with the large-mouth KPSI transducer, it (the transducer) is inserted underneath the water's surface, monitoring water pressure and sending a signal of how deep the water is.
The new edition introduces a X90C grade, with minimum yield strength of 90 kpsi and minimum tensile strength of 98 kpsi.
According to the manufacturer, the expected tensile and notched Izod impact strengths of this material are 120.67 MPa (17.5 kpsi) and 48.13 J/m (0.9 ft-lb/in) at 13 wt.% glass fibre content and 186.16 MPa (27 kpsi) and 117.65 J/m (2.2 ft-lb/in) at 33 wt.% glass fibre content, respectively.
A conventional modulus (150 kpsi flexural modulus) reactor grade TPO substrate was utilized in all the following studies.