KPTRKing Philip Trail Riders (Massachusetts)
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(2) For example, Egyptian chronicles identify Crete and its satellites as Keftiu (also K-f-t-r), Akkadian documents from Mari and Assur use the term Kaptara, Ugaritic texts call the area Kapturi or Kptr, and an Old Babylonian geographical document states that Kap-ta-ra was located "beyond the Upper [i.e., Mediterranean] Sea." (3) Of particular note is a Theban topographical list from c.
Notes: The rest of the R & R group includes Oldies KDES/F 4.4-3.5-2.7, AdultStandards KWXY 2.5-1.5-2.4, N/T KPSI 1.7 and Talk KPTR .5.