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KPTTKursus Pertanian Taman Tani (Indonesian agricultural training center; Salatiga, Indonesia)
KPTTKaolin Partial Thromboplastic Time
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iHeart Rhythmic-CHR KPTT adds + 0.5; 3.4-3.3-3.9 to tighten the square-off with KIMN in a 3-way with Rhythmic-CHR KFCO, now 2.7 back.
Cume advantage is 468.000 ahead of 2nd cume, 16th share -- 0.5 iHeart Rhythmic CHR KPTT (3.8-3.4-3.3).
iHeart RymCHR KPTT 3.6-4.0-3.8 and Max Broadcast Group RymA/C KJHM 3.0-2.3-2.2.
iHeart RymCHR KPTT at 3.5-3.6-4.0 creates antoher 3-way tie with Wilks ClassicHits KXKL 3.8-3.4-4.0 and Educational Media Foundation Christian KLDV 4.1-4.2-4.0.
iHeart: AA KBCO 5.2-5.9-5.1, ModRock WTCL 4.7, ClassicRock KRFX holding 4.2, Rock KBPI 3.8, RymCHR KPTT sticks 3.6 with #1 cume 481k on #15 share.