KPUEKonferencja Polskich Uczelni Ekonomicznych (Polish: Economic Conference of the Polish Academy)
KPUEKampania Przeciw Unii Europejskiej (Polish: Campaign Against the European Union)
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Similarly, kill per unit effort (KPUE) that integrates hunter success and effort statistics into a metric of hunter efficiency, declined > 50% from > 0.14 to < 0.07 moose killed per hunter-day over the same time period (Fig.
In combination, lower hunter success and KPUE, increased hunter effort, and a concurrent > 50% reduction in available permits are indicative of a declining statewide population trend.
The population model was used to check the inventory-extrapolated population estimates by determining if the known harvests produced post-season sex and age ratios and an annual rate of change that were consistent with SA and KPUE results.