KPVKindergarten Parents Victoria (Australia)
KPVKilled Poliovirus Vaccine
KPVKommunistische Partei Vietnams (German: Communist Party of Vietnam)
KPVKommunal Politische Vereinigung (German: Local Political Association; body of Christian Democratic Union; Germany)
KPVKilled Poliomyelitis Vaccine
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Fawaz Kanoo, director at Ebrahim K Kanoo, said: "Whether a small affordable compact car, luxurious stylish sedan, dynamic SUV or a practical MPV is your choice of commuting, KPV has it all.
Kant's favorite geographical metaphor is undoubtedly his oft-stated concern to map out the boundaries (Grenzen) of human reason--reflected, for instance, in the title of his main work in the philosophy of religion, Religion Within the Boundaries of Human Reason (6, pages 1-202), as well as in his frequent criticisms of enthusiastic (schwarmerisch) intellectuals whom he deems guilty of "an overstepping of the boundaries of human reason undertaken on principles" (KpV 5, page 85).
and there is no systemic mentoring and leadership programs to provide genuine professional support to staff' (KPV, 2011, sub.
8 difference between the average voltage of capacitors in dc-link and the reference dc-link voltage [v.sub.dcref] is multiplied by positive gain Kpv and it is assumed as the reference mean power [P.sub.shref] and the PI controller is as follows (Mishra, M.K., 2003):
Houve interacao significativa entre os fatores salinidade da agua de irrigacao e epocas de avaliacao para os teores de potassio (KPV) e calcio (CaPV), a nivel de significancia de 5% de probabilidade, enquanto para os teores de nitrogenio (NPV), fosforo (PPV) e magnesio (MgPV), nao houve interacao significativa (p > 0,05).
The group's Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir said the acquisition, to be made by Kencana Petroleum's wholly owned subsidiary Kencana Petroleum Ventures Sdn Bhd (KPV), is expected to be completed in the first week of August.