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KRABKirkuk Regional Air Base (Iraq)
KRABKenai River Advisory Board (Alaska)
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As a representation of industry within the series, the Krusty Krab also proclaims the fast food industry as the central signifier for American identity, something that is clearly understood as 'good' and 'genuine' in the narrative.
"Unleash the condiments!'' Krabs says at one point in a battle.
The N-terminal region of the encoded peptide chain has a KRAB domain, whereas the C-terminal region has 14 [C.sub.2][H.sub.2] zinc fingers; therefore, it is a typical KRAB/[C.sub.2][H.sub.2] zinc finger protein.
KRAB zinc finger proteins are the subject of intensive research as scientists try to sort out their many regulatory roles within the genome.
Huynh et al., "Characterization and chondrocyte differentiation stage-specific expression of KRAB zinc-finger protein gene ZNF470," Experimental Cell Research, vol.
Krab said that despite warnings from business owners that a smoking ban would stop people from going out and spending money, other studies indicate that restaurants and bars break even or raise their profits when customers spend money on something besides cigarettes.
Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krab Centara Krabi a romantic venue for weddings and honeymoons.
It is designed and published by KRAB Media and Marketing and promoted by Dinesh Kumble, brother of former Indian spinner Anil.
ORHAN, H., HOLLAND, B., KRAB, B., MOEKEN, J., VERMEULEN, N.P.E., at al., 2004, Evaluation of a multiparameter biomarker set for oxidative damage in man: Increased urinary excretion of lipid, protein and DNA oxidation products after one hour of exercise.
The smoothness of The Belga works with rich and spicy appetizer Kip and Krab Sigaar, chicken and crab cigars with assorted sauces; while fruity Belgians Royal Cherry Cocktail ($10.95) is a great match with Bart's Chocoladetaart, a dense chocolate tart.